Late Night Train Lights

Late Night Train Lights is a chapbook published by the Ibbetson Street Press.


"It's always a wonder when young people express themselves artistically and in that expression, we discover exceptional wisdom, profound insight, and soaring imagination. That is precisely the case in this publication." - Michael Keith, Professor at Boston College


"Coffee" is a short poem featured in Lyrical. A series within The Somerville Times and edited by Doug Holder, Lyrical features a series of poets and their work.

"On Your Knees"

Featured in the 8th issue of Awakened Voices Magazines, entitled "Those Who Help".

Letter from the Editor:

"We asked writers to show us what it looks like to help a survivor, to be helped as a survivor, and what it looks like when someone cannot help or chooses not to help. We received many submissions that broke our hearts and many that warmed them."


"Pig Hooves"

"Pig Hooves" is featured in the Winter 2021 issue of Cardinal Sins Journal.

The poem explores sexuality and body image, allowing the thoughts of its subject to wander.


"Lunar" &
"Cherry Jar"

"Lunar" and "Cherry Jar" are two poems featured on the Dream Noir website.

"Lunar" mourns the loss of a healthy body alongside poorly timed romantic abandonment.

"Cherry Jar" talks about the expectations abled bodied people have of the disabled, and the damage it can cause.